Scribe Winery in Sonoma


Scribe Winery, Sonoma | Wander & Wine

To keep the momentum of our newly engaged bliss going strong, Nick and I headed to Sonoma / Napa for 3 days this past weekend to taste some vino and enjoy the beauty of wine country. I mean, why not? Now, we all know there are A TON of wineries in Napa and Sonoma. It’s overwhelming, really. Even though I’ve been to the area over a dozen times, I still feel like there’s never enough time to get to all the places I want to. This time around, though, instead of packing in too many wineries and restaurants, we tried a more relaxed approach and took our time. First stop? Scribe Winery in Sonoma.

You’d be ‘wise’ to try Saggi from Long Shadows


Saggi Wine from Long Shadows Winery | Wander & Wine

During my really fun last trip to Walla Walla, my friend Sarah and I had a delicious bottle of wine during our dinner at Saffron (which is oh so good, btw). That bottle of wine was the 2010 Saggi, a unique Italian-style blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Syrah. We liked the wine so much that we made an appointment to taste at the winery (Long Shadows) the next day.

Happy Memories at Bridlewood Winery


Bridlewood Winery - Santa Ynez | Wander & Wine

Last week, Nick and I took the day off work and he surprised me with a jaunt over to Santa Ynez for some wine tasting. If there’s one way I want to spend a day off of work, wine tasting is definitely high on my list! And who doesn’t love surprises!? Our first stop: Bridlewood Winery, a winery located on a beautiful piece of property in Santa Ynez that was once an Arabian horse farm and equestrian rehabilitation center.

Bridlewood Entrance | Wander & Wine

Somm Select for the win


SommSelect - Spanish Wine | Wander & Wine

Ever see the documentary Somm? The movie follows the strenuous journey of four friends attempting to pass one of the hardest tests in the world, the Master Sommelier exam. The road to becoming a Sommelier is challenging, yes, but I can’t even comprehend the amount of dedication, prep and knowledge that’s necessary to earn the MS title. It’s insane. If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you check it out; it’s an inspiring and astonishing look inside the world of wine. MAJOR high fives to the roughly 219 people in the world who have received that title, like my friend Ian Cauble (who actually starred in the movie!).

Pesto Pasta Wine Pairing


Italian Wine & Pesto pairing | Wander & Wine

When I studied abroad in Rome, I fell in love with all things Italian – from the wine and the food to the language and the beauty. Although I learned to appreciate Italian delicacies, I certainly didn’t pick up any special cooking skills while there like making homemade pasta or anything. I was more preoccupied with traveling and drinking birras with my friends (remember, I was in college).

If you like this red, you might like…


Tips for choosing red wines | Wander & Wine

Like I mentioned recently in my post about new white wines, a lot of people I know are ready to branch out and try different wines, but maybe have no idea where to start. I totally get it… back in college, I was ready to graduate from the Franzia but didn’t know where to head from there. Anywhere would be a good start, you say? Haha, yeah sort of (although no disrespect to boxed wine drinkers!).

Fourth of July Food & Wine


Fourth-of-July-Wine-and-Food | Wander & Wine

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! It was certainly a fun celebration for us here in Southern California, filled with sunshine, good wine and drinks, great food, bocce ball and cards (reigning “31″ champ, right here!).

Wanting to keep things a bit more low key this year, Nick and I hosted a couple of friends for a chill 4th of July BBQ before joining the crowds to watch the fireworks. Those that know me know that I’m a big fan of entertaining… not only because I love getting people together, but also because I love to try out new recipes any excuse I get. So, instead of flocking to my stack of yet-to-be-made recipes that I’ve been tearing out of magazines for years, I decided to hit up Pinterest for a few new recipes. Who better to be my guinea pigs than my boyfriend and best friend? Don’t worry, they still love me!

If you like this white wine, you might like…


 Tips for Choosing New Wines | Wander & Wine

A lot of people ask me if there are any fun new wines out there to try… of course, “fun” and “new” is all relative! Washington Cabernet could be ‘new’ to you or maybe Alsatian Riesling is ‘new’ to you. Maybe some of you have never even heard of Alsatian Riesling (and that’s okay!). Regardless, I commend all the adventurous and non-adventurous wine drinkers out there for taking an interest in the world of wine.

Bocce and Wine at Zinke Wine Co.


Zinke Wine Co, Los Olivos tasting room | Wander & Wine

If you remember a couple of weekends ago, Nick and I ventured out of town and spent the day doing some wine tasting in and around Los Olivos. Back when my dad was growing up in the area, Los Olivos was a dusty little western town consisting of Carl Side’s Hardware Store, a 76 gas station on the corner, a post office, Los Olivos meat market, the historic Mattei’s Tavern and a colorful bar known as The Bucket of Blood (sounds like a classy establishment, doesn’t it?). Obviously, it’s changed quite a bit over the years… Los Olivos is now home to over 40 wine tasting rooms. FORTY. Dusty little town no more… it’s more like a wine enthusiasts’ Disneyland!

Enchiladas: The Wine Pairing Challenge


Torrontes & Petite Sirah food pairing | Wander & Wine

Food and wine pairings can be quite tricky, but a fun challenge nonetheless. If you remember, in March I participated in an online food and wine pairing challenge presented by fellow blogger, The Wandering Gourmand. My shrimp and grits wine pairing answer (Albariño or Gewurz) lost by only one vote. So close! To put my pairing skills to work again, I decided to join this month’s challenge… finding a wine (or beer) that would pair best with the crowd-pleasing Mexican staple, and one of my favorite things to make, enchiladas (with red sauce). Instead of going for what I thought the obvious answer would be (beer, no disrespect), I decided to dig a little deeper and come up with two maybe lesser obvious pairings. I chose a white wine, Torrontes, and a red, Petite Sirah. A big, bold red… with Mexican food? Yes, I went there!

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